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Hi my name is Mark Gary Weston, I'm a fine art photographer based in Adelaide and love it, what a great state we have and place to live:) From a very young age I had an interest in cameras, My Parents gave me a camera to play with as a baby, was it a sign? LOL thanks Mum n Dad I'm so grateful :) I love what I do, a passion that includes all my loves, travel, different cultures, meeting a variety of interesting people, beautiful places, experiencing all the finest things in life, witnessing amazing natural phenomena and the feeling of being connected to the moment how I like to see it artistically, I never limit myself to just capturing the scene as I see it, I also like to express the scene in terms of interpreting the scene and creating a work of art within the camera, a personal statement. I have the final print in mind as I press the shutter and that creates creative light art with vision, beauty and feeling.  I look forward with excitement in presenting local South Australian photographic art in large format prints custom framed. Thank you thank you thank you Past, Present and Future M:)

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