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My mediums will be acrylic and oil paints (presented on canvas / prints) and I will be setting up an exhibition focusing on nature and its value to humans. Below are some rough paintings I have done for research. I will be building on these paintings, creating and presenting professional paintings and other bits and pieces with a story for the audience to walk away with. I am looking for a venue with good lighting that will support a myriad of paintings and drawings so that as the viewer walks around from one to the next they will leave with a solid understanding and impression of what this exhibition aimed to do. It would be nice to create a sense of flow from one piece to the next as the viewer walks around and I am also looking for a place that can have a merchandise table at the end if possible. I am planning on using my talent to take my skills to the next level and present the result to an audience who either appreciate nature, are drawn towards it in some way form or another, or are at least open to nature.

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