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0410 859 774


Hello! I’m an aspiring children’s illustrator based in the CBD. I do whimsical mixed media pieces, using mainly watercolour and coloured pencils. I would describe my art as loose with a focus on colour and texture, intricate details and realism are not important to me as I wish to first and foremost impact my viewers emotionally. I would prefer to work with a business that has many children coming through as I create my artwork primarily for their enjoyment. I do not plan on selling any pieces or making any sort of profit from this exhibition, so the exhibition cost will fall onto the business as the extra patronage during SALA season (a very popular time for interstate tourists) will generate extra revenue for your business - this is non negotiable on my end as I simply do not have the means to cover this cost and will not be making the cost back. All pieces will be brand new and created specifically to display at SALA, posted are examples of the quality of work you can expect from me.

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