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I'm a Street / Urban photographer who is attracted to light and isolated subjects in City / Urban environments. All of my shots are candid and happened as you see in the image. I shoot because it gives me the opportunity to live and experience that very moment without worrying about the past or concerning myself with thoughts of the future. Exhibitions / Achievements SALA 2019 - Finalist (Best latent image) SALA 2019 - Adelaide City Council Central - Streets of... - Solo Exhibition - Caffe L'Incontro (Gay’s Arcade) Published EYEPHOTO Magazine – EYE Catching moments – Special Edition Vol.1 EYEPHOTO Magazine – EYE Catching moments – Special Edition Vol.2 Streetlife Yearbook 2019 Advertiser - 2019 Australian Financial Review - 2019 My Journey... (Bio) I started on my photography journey taking pictures of coffee with my phone for coffee shop reviews + pictures of the buildings in and around Adelaide. I stumbled across a video by Sean Tucker while looking on You Tube for tutorials on how to make my coffee images better. He essentially said not to be frightened of failing and if you want to do something then to just get out there and do it so I did. I bought my first proper camera a Nikon D3400 DSLR in June 2018. I twiddled the knobs and watched a lot of You Tube to learn the basics and found myself falling into the genre of Street/Urban photography without really knowing what it was. That stumble has taken me down a road and through a door that I never knew was there let alone possible.

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