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Hi Im Mark Gary Weston, “M" Im a fine art photographer based in Adelaide and love it :) From a very young age, I had an interest in cameras, my parents gave me a camera to play with as a baby, was it a sign? LOL thanks Mum n Dad I'm so grateful :) I love what I do, a passion that includes "all" my loves of life, travel, different cultures, meeting a variety of interesting people, beautiful places, witnessing amazing natural phenomena and the feeling of being connected to the moment how I like to see it artistically. I like to capture the scene in one shot and allow the camera to express the scene as nature delivered the photons of light to the lens, to capture light and time with all the emotional feeling that excites our senses expressed in the one moment in time and create art within the camera, I have the final print in mind as I press the shutter and to me, that is “creative light art”a personal statement with vision, beauty and feeling. I look forward with excitement in presenting local South Australian photographic art in large format prints custom framed with archival quality for all who appreciates fine art photography to enjoy and potentially purchase to add value to there life, living spaces and homes. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Past, Present and Future. M

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