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A 2013 BVA graduate of ACSA, Caroline has exhibited work during the SALA Festival for the past ten years in the group Kangaroo Island exhibitions at the National Wine Centre and also as solo painter on board Popeye during its 2018 SALA exhibition. From her home base on Kangaroo island, Caroline's work consists of often large scale landscapes in oil either on linen, board or oxide-treated paper. Her hand-coloured historic photographs of a group of 1905 Ornithologists were part of a recent 2 year Country Arts SA touring exhibition of regional galleries across South Australia. A keen photographer, Caroline is interested in exploring the impact of different forms of mounting and display on subject matter. For the 2020 SALA Festival Caroline is planning an exhibition of both photographs and paintings of her personal experiences of the Kangaroo Island fires, with her house at Western River Cove on Kangaroo Island very much surrounded by fire from the first lightening strikes on the 20th of December to the second horrific wave of fire on the 3rd of January and well beyond.

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