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I am an independent, multidisciplinary artist who has worked throughout New South Wales and South Australia. My practice moves between drawing, painting, photography and installation. My work is generally experimental, I employ the use of abstraction as a means to express personal narratives, stories and experiences. I was awarded Major Prize Winner of the 2019 Gallery M Open Contemporary Art Prize for my work 'Intermission'. Since moving to Adelaide in 2017, I have exhibited my work in a variety of exhibitions, festivals and prizes including the Adelaide Fringe and SALA festivals, I was a finalist in the 2004 TAFE Arts & Design Prize, 2017 Tatiara Art Prize, 2018 Watershed Art Prize and the 2019 4th Biennial Royal South Australian Society of Arts Portrait Prize. SALA Festival Highlights - - Major Prize Winner/Gallery M Open Contemporary Art Prize 2019 (SALA Festival) - Finalist/RSASA Portrait Prize Exhibition 2019 (SALA Festival) – Callum Docherty 2020

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