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Born in Venezuela 26-04-1982. With my art and photography I express my passion for colours' balance and design, with random compositions of things, living creatures and cycles of life. My passion is creating symbolic hidden objects that capture my eyes and soul in a unique way. As a Visual Artist, I believe that we all have something to give and to get from this world and my inspiration has always been followed by personal experience and feelings through the years. Immigrating to Australia was a choice, a challenge and a chance. Now, after living in Adelaide for over a decade, I’ve explored, lived and felt this atmosphere in many ways, but also grounding myself with my dearest tropical beautiful colours always in my heart. It was a choice to change paths; a challenge to grow apart; a chance to learn from experiences. I hope you enjoy my work and make your own soul come to life in rusty times with self love and of course, colours

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