Kirstie Mcgregor

0420 303 065
Kirstie McGregor is a visual artist local to the Onkaparinga area. After graduating from Adelaide College of the Arts in 2010, Kirstie has been involved in a number of exhibitions in the metropolitan area including the Helpmann Academy Graduate exhibition in 2011, a SALA exhibition at the Adelaide Convention Centre in 2015 and a solo exhibition at Urban Cow Studio in 2015. In 2015 she was also a finalist in the SALA awards category, Young Emerging Artist.
Kirstie’s work focuses on the environment, our interactions with the species we share it with and our relationship with nature. Working predominantly in watercolour, she also likes to use other mediums such as ink, pencil, acrylic and oil paint in her works. She also makes small pieces of hand-painted jewellery, such as brooches and necklaces, which she sells at local markets.