Alexis Treulieb

0426 200 664
Alexis Treulieb is an emerging artist / photographer currently residing in Adelaide, South Australia. She earned her bachelor’s degree in visual arts from the University of Colorado in the USA. Her work explores the self in its relationship to the realm of dreams, mythology, symbolism, and the natural environment, as well as the larger human role of storyteller and dreamer within the Earth’s ecosystem. She primarily works with self-portraiture, performance, and photo composites. Many of her photographs blend a variety of photographic modalities; including blending film, digital photography, and photoshop compositing to create images that convey mystical visions and stories.

Her most recent body of work “Oionos,” explores both the personal and the mythological signs and messages that birds give us. Culling from her own dream world and the interpretation of mythological symbols and stories, she pays homage to our shamanistic roots, to our deep connection to the natural world and to the greater stories and visions that heal, transform, evolve, and remake us.