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Adelaide based photographer, Jiri Bruderhans has been honing his skills taking, developing and printing images using the medium of silver gelatin since 1974.
Examining actual photographs of master printers like Ansel Adams and Tom Baril has provided him with an example of what this medium is capable of.
The influences of many past masters, photographers as well as painters, provided the inspiration for many of his personal projects.
Jiri is especially drawn to documentary photography and developing a photojournalist style in his early years provided him with the ability of capturing the interesting in the dynamics of the ordinary.
This photographic project is the result of many years spent photographing along the esplanades of the Adelaide coastline. With its Mediterranean climate and mostly calm gulf waters, the area has many interesting sights that render well in my favourite medium of silver gelatin. This is a continuation of my “Public Sculptures” series of photographs which is part of the Prism group exhibition opening in April 12 2021 at the National Wine Centre.

Notes: Framed silver gelatin prints 450mm x 550mm with a gallery hanging system