Kelly Batsiokis

0411 067 989
I primarily paint animals/ birds with a slight expressionistic lean, as I enjoy bright colours and the exaggerated colours are always a talking point and conversation-starter. I have been working on a series of six Australian birds this year. Five have been completed with one to go that I hope to finish by mid-June, so there will be six large artworks (122cm square) that I would love to exhibit together, ideally! They pack the biggest punch together, but they need a lot of space!

There will be three Australian parrots and three Australian cockatoos on completion. All accented with gold, they pick up the light from different angles and promote a 3D effect that I just cannot capture by photograph. The backgrounds have been painted in a similar abstract splotchy style that contrast against the complementary colours of the birds and tie the series together. The sixth is going to be a large green budgie against a red background. The bird choices are all recognisable birds, most of them are actually potential Australian pets!

I'd be happy to be involved in a group or a solo show, it really depends on how my work fits with other themes - but the size of the venue will make a difference as my work is so large! Happy to discuss options.