Talitha Benson

0475 772 467
My work explores death, mortality and extinction. It invites you to make space to discuss death. These works are monotypes made using only ink, turpentine and paper. The limitations imposed on myself regarding my medium and materials speaks to the tension in the process and the finished works. The tension for myself lies between holding and not holding control, like the polarities within the materials. Our conscious mind is forever exploring and trying to understand the cycle of life and death. Is there truly an end point? Physically our bodies will decay and the atoms and particles which make us will go back to the ground. Spiritually, there is no simple answer. Where the cycle continues is up to your own beliefs and culture. I find the structures and textures that arise from the chemical reaction of the ink and turpentine are reflective of atomic structures and particles. To me, this is the basis of all existence. Another factor of the process is a matter of chance, although nothing is pure chance if you look to probability and quantum physics. I control to a degree the agents and process, however there is a small window where it’s up to chance and the materials as to how the print will turn out. The theory of opposition has also informed some of my work, as there are several balances at play. Simpler ones such as black/white, and more complex polarities between tension/control, comfort/fear, death/life, organic/man made.
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