Marianne Waller

0497 900 089
I live in a tin shed out the back of mum's place. We came back to Adelaide from overseas to take care of her but got stuck thanks to the pandemic. I took up painting as a way to stay afloat. My dad was a gifted fine artist and taught it at the South Australian School of Art. I wish I'd paid more attention. I love colour and light and the transformative power of paint. How a picture that could be terrible, miraculously, joyfully appears if you trust the process. And of course if it is truly shit you can paint over it. Dad was all about the process and I am too. I paint animals and landscapes. I love birds. I'm wonky and self taught but have sold enough over the past year to modestly supplement my paltry carer's pension. I cannot imagine how these long months would have been without painting. Like cats, the Botanic Gardens, and hiking, it has given me the simplest, purest pleasure.
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