Julia Mayman

0457 378 854
My art has always been deeply inspired by the people I surround myself with, often being a collaborative reflection of how we both see the subject in question. Whether it’s a portrait, either traditional or experimental, or something more abstract, my art seeks to understand and convey the emotional truth of my subject. Ideally, I tap into the joy of the moment, looking to capture the smallest wrinkles of a smile or the way the sun playfully warps the colour of the scene for just a moment. I have spent the past five years living in Pitjantjatjara country, teaching the children of these communities and expanding my understanding of Australia and my own lens at the same time. With these new perspectives came new ideas as I became more confident experimenting with colour, textures and mediums to create and convey my art’s meaning. In 2018 I received a Judge’s Commendation and won People’s Choice for my portrait of a Senior Territorian, a proud moment for both my own progress and my desire to share insights into often overlooked areas of our country.
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