John "Bundy" Bannerman

0481 098 045
John “Bundy” Bannerman moved to the outback at the age of 7. He started his career in his family’s outback trucking business at an early age and as a driver has hauled everything from cattle, sheep, goats, dwellings, mining equipment, irrigation, tractors, scrap metal, hay and wool. After injuring his back for the first time, he took a short spell from trucking and entered into the world of station and shearers cook. But, the love of trucking couldn’t keep him away for long. As every good trucker knows, the days and nights behind the wheel, along with loading and unloading and occasional accidents takes a toll on a truckie’s back and shoulders. After his last back injury in 2019 and the frustration of being in the “big smoke” during recovery, he decided to turn his hand to art – something he had been wanting to pursue for a long time. He now spends his time painting his love of trucks, cars, the outback and anything else that excites his imagination.
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