Jacqueline McAllister

0430 563 213
I live in Mid-North SA but would be happy to visit anywhere from the CBD to Mid North. I have some digital illustrations, and would add some physical paintings, with the potential for Augmented Reality works and potentially some sculptural pieces depending on the space available. 2D work can be printed and or framed to suit the space, and other elements can be altered depending on suitability. Would like space for at least one larger A1 or A2 work, accompanied by smaller ones. But am flexible.

About my body of work for this exhibition: With humble beginnings of automatism activities with students, Recurring Dreams was born. The series of illustrations, paintings and sculptures takes inspiration from childhood dreams of unreachable playgrounds in the ocean. With a nod to Dr. Seuss' imaginary landscapes, floating worlds (ukiyo-e) of Japanese woodblock prints from the Edo period and children's building blocks, the works explores the notion of overindulgent self-important adulthood experiences and angst, and the simultaneous desire for cheeky fun, youthful happenings and blissful ignorance.
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