Gitta Lindblom

0409 892 856
Colour inspires creativity in all of us. Gitta’s inspiration is the landscape and oneness with our natural life. Some of the themes that run through her practice are zen and harmony with nature. Working on various mediums, such as watercolours, pastels, charcoal, inks, and acrylics, she combines bold strokes and delicate strokes, composing harmony and balance. She also performs calligraphic abstractions, capturing her emotions at a certain point in time and transforming them on to the paper, creating artworks that leave a dramatic emotional impact on the audience.

Gitta Lindblom is a celebrator of colour, inspired by nature's flow and energy, questing all manner of emotions - an aristocratic and artistic life truly lived. Her paintings soar to the heights and take us with her. Her artistic journey has produced works that evolve from impressionism to abstract expressionism.
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