ART Action solidarity

Joe Felber, Concept 3-4-9, 1988, Painting
Josef Felber
This is an exhibition where art lovers are invited to make the price? Is art still a worthy activity in today’s cultural recession? In the 70's while living in Zurich doing his art training Felber read the statement by Fritz Billeter, "To complete the process of art appreciation there are three equally important elements - the artist, the gallery and the collector". With this in mind Felber attempts to show works where the audience of the exhibition, the art lover, is at the centre of the art appreciation process. Felber invites you all to participate in a conversation.

2-23 Aug
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Opening Event 02 Aug , 05:30 pm-07:30 pm Website
Fisher Jeffries
Level 1, 19 Gouger Street, Adelaide
8233 0600
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