Life as Lines

Yoko Lowe, Life as Lines III, Painting, 90x120cm
Yoko Lowe
I have been captivated by maps since childhood. My practice explores lines as created by human interaction with the world and with each other, and how lines are brought about by human movement. Scratching through the painted surface of the panels produces a visible result: the creation of lines. This brings out what is internalised and acts as a map to remove my confusion about living in the world. The physical limitation of the panels I use in my work act as a window, where the beginning and end points can be said to occur off the panel, and consequently, are a mystery to us. The conscious and subconscious with muscle memory to create an interplay on the surface of the panels that captures and conveys the movement of the body at a moment in time.

1-31 Aug
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
City of Mitcham Foyer Art Gallery
131 Belair Rd, Torrens Park
8372 8812
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