all my friends are dead

Steven Bellosguardo, Myspace, Sculpture, 345 x 235 x 150cm
Open Studio/Emerging
Steven Bellosguardo
Steven Bellosguardo fuses contemporary techniques with a traditional approach to sculptureā€™s original subject, the human figure. His first solo show features an installation of large-scale drawings made from steel. Following the structure of an apprenticeship, Steven turned to modern masters Calder, Noguchi, and Moore as mentors, studying the medium of sculpture through simple, refined, and elegant compositions. A series belonging to 20th-century modernism, Steven lays his training to rest in this exhibition of playful forms.

10 Aug - 15 Sep
Fri-Sun 1-5pm
Opening Event 09 Aug , 06:00 pm-08:30 pm Website
Fontanelle Gallery & Studios
175 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide
0405 611 312
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