Last Nights in Cities

Grbich and Reynolds, Last Nights in Cities, Sound
Grbich and Reynolds, Last Nights in Cities, Sound
Mixed Group
Performance, Sound
Sasha Grbich, Kelly Reynolds
During 2019 Kelly Reynolds and Sasha Grbich travelled in Europe. On the last night in each city we packed our bags and made a sound recording out of the window. These recordings have been pressed to vinyl and will be played back through the VERGEspace window every night, a different city recording played each week. These city soundscapes will also be walked through Adelaide on quiet evenings, played via cardboard box speakers carried on the backs of the artists; echoing the sounds of distant European cities within our home town.

Kelly Reynolds & Sasha Grbich - finalists in the City of Adelaide Art Incubator Award.

- 30 Aug
Mon-Sun 9pm-Until Late
30 Wilpena Tce, Kilkenny
0402 510 122