Dark Dark Light

Lynlee May and Irene Gorey, Broccoli Rainbow and Untitled, Painting, 20 x 20cm
Mixed Group
Mixed Media, Painting
Fly Bird Fly Studio artists and friends
Michael A'Hang, Irene Gorey, James Henderson, Melinda Major, Nathan March, Sunshine March, Lynlee May, Andrew McDonough, Molly Peterson
Emerging from dark to light. Rolling from light to dark.
Is it too bright? Is it too dark? Is it hard to see? It is hard to see.
In the window and in the gallery, see work from Fly Bird Fly Studio and the Art on the Wing project.

1-31 Aug
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Opening Event 01 Aug , 12:00 pm-03:00 pm
Fly Bird Fly Studio
218 Wright St, Adelaide

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