Kaspar Schmidt Mumm, Paper Stack, Furniture, Variable
Kaspar Schmidt Mumm, Paper Stack, Sculpture, Variable


Furniture, Performance, Sculpture
Kaspar Schmidt Mumm
Artist Talk, Artist Demonstration, Exhibition
This exhibition is the outcome of a deep dive into recycling paper into new forms. Kaspar has been collecting paper waste from: Schools, Factories, Architecture Firms, Printers, Dumpsters and Bins. By shredding, blending and mixing the material with a variety of glues and colours, new materials are formed. The artist: covers objects in the material to breathe new life into disused garbage; pours giant sheets of cardboard; splatters the material on walls; creates piƱatas, costumes and puppets. This exhibition is the first public showing of a new body of work.

This exhibition is a finalist in The Advertiser Contemporary Art Award.

17-28 Aug
Wed-Sun 11am-5pm
Opening Event 26 Aug , 06:00 pm-10:00 pm
SODA Objects
1 Rosetta St, West Croydon
0401 434 446
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Performance Endurance Performance. 26 Aug 07:00pm - Free Entry