Reimagined Masterpieces

Nari, Pop art icy Pop, Painting, 10 x 10cm
Agatha, Haring Dog, Drawing, 20 x 15cm


Craft, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Bridgewater Primary School Students
In the Bridgewater Primary Schools exhibition 'Reimagined Masterpieces' students imagine new ways of working with materials and explore the possibilities created through recycling and reusing.
This exhibition aspires to reimagine and take inspiration from the great masterpieces of the past and present their own masterpiece which is a child's reimagination.
The works look back, are of the now, with minds cast towards the future.

1-24 Aug
Mon-Fri 3-4pm
Opening Event 01 Aug , 03:30 pm-04:00 pm
Bridgewater Primary School
46 Morella Grv, Bridgewater
8339 1600
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