all the beauty we cannot see

Elise Clements, Examples of Clements' Work, Painting
Emma Neill, Golden Grass (detail), Painting, 53 x 37cm


Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
What is beauty? Is it a mere set of societal rules and expectations that we are taught to adhere to in order to be deemed enough? Or is it ultimately defined by the eye of the beholder, the product of perspective?
In ‘all the beauty we cannot see’, Elise Clements explores the ways in which society's unrealistic beauty ideals ultimately influence and shape our sense of self. She challenges the notion that our imperfections need to be fixed, instead suggesting that our ‘flaws’ are actually just elements of beauty that we are taught not to see.
Emma Neill explores the beauty in the everyday, with a focus on objects and scenes from where she lives, emphasising these imperfections and turning them into art. Neill has a fascination with details that are often missed, yet are so beautiful when one takes a moment to stop and appreciate.

4-31 Aug
Mon-Sun 11am-4pm
Opening Event 04 Aug , 05:30 pm-08:00 pm
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