Ashley Pope, Parnpangka, Photography, 88 x 88cm
Ashley Pope, Spirit, Photography, 60 x 60cm


Ashley POPE
This exhibition is a small snapshot of my aerial photographic artistic journey to date and how my artistic processes and styles are evolving. My artistic & photographic passion revolves primarily around drone photography and aerial abstract landscapes, interesting structures & locations. I enjoy exploring and finding unique landscape formations, colours and patterns not necessarily visible from the ground, revealing the unseen beauty of nature. My creative process can be simple or complex, depending on the ideas I am exploring and trying to communicate. My hope is that my photographic imagery continues to evolve through ongoing experimentation and acquired technical knowledge. I constantly experiment and explore new techniques in order to best capture the artic and abstract nature of my photographic subjects.

5 Jun - 1 Sep
Mon-Thu 9am-6:30pm
Evolve Manual Therapy
18 Kensington Rd, Rose Park
0406 249 221
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