Off the Rails Studio

Jules Summers, Flourish, Painting, 76 x 76cm
Jules Summers, Tree of Life - Australian version, Painting, 61 x 76cm


Open Studio/Established
Open Studio
Jules enjoys working right next door to the 'ANR', hence her studio is called 'Off the Rails' Studio! Jules celebrates the beauty of the Australian environment & the feathered ,furry, hairy & scaly friends that call Australia home through her use of colour & design. Oil & Acrylic on canvas being the flavour of 2023 so far. When she is not in her studio painting, she is more than likely in one of the galleries where she displays her work.

"Australia inspires me to no end! It is that packet of 'biscuits' that never runs out. I continuously sketch designs for potential up & coming artworks to my book of ideas. If I ever reach the end of this book I think I will be most disappointed & it will be time to put the brushes down. Although, I feel there is a zero chance of this happening. Through my work I aim to give the viewer feelings of happiness & joy. If I manage to give anyone a smile then I have achieved my objective.
Please do pop in for a 'hi' & a look! I look forward to meeting you or seeing you again".

5-6 Aug
Sat-Sun 10am-5pm
Off the Rails Studio
96 Main Rd, Nairne
0407 645 522
Venue requires payment for entry.
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