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Hi name is Arthur Tsimopoulos, I am a photographer and I'm behind 'Arthur's Photography'. I've always liked taking photos and would like to make that transfer to a full time photographer soon. For me capturing that moment in time has always fascinated me. When I first got into photography, I was told by another photographer, "if you see another photographer work. Try and reproduce the image. That's the only way you are going to learn how they did it!". That has stuck with me and I use that mantra to take my unique take on photography in general. I'm constantly thinking about taking that next photo or imaging how that shot would look like.
My style of photography is varied, from landscape, to portraits, to product photography, to street photography, to weddings, to events photography and some experiential photos.
I have been featured on many Instagram pages (such as Glam Adelaide, ABC Adelaide, Rundle Mall and the Adelaide Fringe) and featured on 10 and 7 news weather photos.
So, this is a selection of my work, that showcases my style of photography.

5-19 Aug
Mon-Sun 8am-Until Late
Semaphore Hotel
17 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore
7132 0600
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Other Arthur's Photography Q&A. 06 Aug 02:00pm - Will be at the Semaphore Hotel to allow people to ask me questions about my work. Open to all, so come along to the hotel, have a meal or a drink and look at my work