The Art of Paper

Shazia Shehzad, Vivid Recollections, Sculpture, 130 x 100cm
Shazia Shehzad, Tick Away, Sculpture, 130 x 90cm
Shazia Shehzad, Conflict, Sculpture, 85 x 75cm


Craft, Installation, Sculpture
A breathtaking exhibition by Shazia Shehzad of intricate paper art, showcasing delicate layers and textures that bring human stories and emotion to life.
Born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, Shazia’s love for art came from her desire to narrate human stories through a more visual medium and uses colour to express feeling.
Currently, based in Adelaide, Shazia’s worldly reputation as an artist is commendable. Her experience extends from working solo to working in groups and collaborating with other artists from all around the world. Her work has also been shown in exhibitions in Qatar, Australia, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, the Middle East, and Asia.
During the development of her art practice, she has explored the manipulation, folding, bending and carving of paper to create complex and beautifully executed artworks.
With a commitment to using art for social impact, Shazia has collaborated with the Hamad Medical Corporation to support individuals with mental illnesses and disabilities through art therapy workshops.

1-31 Aug
Mon-Sun 7am-Until Late
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Marion Hotel
849 Marion Rd, Mitchell Park
8276 8888
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