Transparent, Translucent, Opaque

Bridget McArthur, San Go San, Mixed Media, 61 x 61cm
Bridget McArthur, Kami no Hana, Mixed Media, 61 x 91cm


Mixed Media, Painting
Discover Bridget’s love of simplicity, order and nature in her multi-layered tissue paper canvases that have been influenced by her long interest in traditional and contemporary Japanese art, design and culture.

Tissue paper is Bridget’s medium of choice because of its transluscent quality, the textures it can be used to create, the colours that can be achieved with such a limited palette and the design parameters that using tissue paper necessitates.

While always being a lover of art and being creative from a young age, Bridget’s early experiments with tissue paper were primarily torn pieces. Only recently has she begun to create pieces solely from cut paper featuring geometric and, at times, repetitive shapes often with a more neutral colour palette.

11-25 Aug
Fri 11am-4pm
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