The Poetry of Object 0.2

indigo eli, apology, Mixed Media, 46 x 23 x 23cm
Indigo Eli, blanket silence, Mixed Media, 25 x 97 x 5cm


Craft, Mixed Media, Textiles
Indigo ELI
Online Exhibition
The Poetry of Object 0.2
object is a verb
solo exhibition, indigo eli

“poetry speaks the unspoken, seeks to make the intangible tangible”

The Poetry of Object 0.2 is the second in a series of exhibitions exploring visual art as playful, thought-provoking poetic work. In this collection, a multi-form poet consults and creates documents, delivering conceptual pieces that speak symbolic. Themes of ethics, rights, law and language are explored in works personally relevant to the artist, and to Australian society as a whole.

For example, ‘blanket silence’ crafts the secrecy provision of the Border Force Act into a ‘wearable document’, another, ‘Child Protection. Act.’, arrives with a report from the Royal Commission into Child Protection in South Australia, and ‘dust jacket’ stitches closed a book that contains a collection of the artist’s own unlicensed love poems. The tampon tax doesn’t escape attention.

“By inverting the natural order of things, and in reconfiguring the mundane, she invokes the need to continually question how we inscribe meaning, how we can each defy or redefine, and how art can mould, cast and reinvent everyday experiences. Her pieces signpost the limitations of language and media forms in the creation of meaning and identity; in moving beyond the constrictive nature of words and syntax. Eli creates her own unique language, a ‘poetry of the object’. In their ‘silence’ these pieces speak volumes…” Glam Adelaide on the Poetry of Object 0.1

1-31 Aug
Viewable 24/7
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