a retro world

Nick Rutten, glitch love, Painting, 122 x 122cm
Nick Rutten, Super Nature, Painting, 102 x 122cm


Drawing, Painting, Print-making
Nicholas RUTTEN
Inspired and influenced by midcentury modern design, geometric pattern and retro feels.
This is a collective of work that emanates a sense of mood, timeless design, colour and fun.
The art is produced with a variety of tools and techniques, including gestural brush strokes, rollers, spray cans and masking.

10 Aug - 4 Sep
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Sat 10am-3pm
Opening Event 10 Aug , 06:30 pm-08:30 pm
Caroma on the Parade
49 The Parade, Norwood
8405 0202
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