Kristi Biezaite, Artist with woven scarve, Textiles
Kristi Biezaite, Woven Scarves, Textiles


Craft, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Print-making, Sculpture, Textiles
Presentation, Artist Talk, Workshop, Artist Demonstration, Tour, DIY Activity, Exhibition
This exhibition / installation is a result of my learning and research project about wool and gum tree dyes and although it started as an exploration of wool, natural dyes and textiles in particular, it has led me down a path of connecting with the environment and land and feeling more at home where I am.
A significant element of the project has been the condition that each piece is created using one animal as a source of wool, one plant as a source of dye and one person as the maker of the pieces, following through the whole process of washing, carding, spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving of the item. In a way each piece is also a data representation project, where each piece is made out of an entire fleece and the colour variation is achieved by using only one source that has been manipulated using variables such as time and mordant. Additionally, to the knitted and woven pieces, I have utilised the natural dyes to colour other household pieces, such as tablecloths or bed-throws that are hand screen-printed and embroidered.
I am exploring textile as the embodiment of the concept of “home” and somewhat finding myself through the craft.

6 Aug - 27 Sep
Mon-Sun 10am-4pm
Karatta Wines Gallery
5 Victoria St, Robe
8768 2608
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