In The Belly of The Beast

Miles and Max, , Multimedia


Digital, Installation, Moving Image, Multimedia, Performance, Sound
Journey into a surreal world where a mechanized beast dreams, dances, and sings, reacting to movement and sound in an interactive audio-visual installation.

"In The Belly of The Beast" utilizes cutting-edge technology to bring an ancient, musical beast to life, inhabiting the walls and wires of The Lab.

As you enter the dimly-lit room, you'll feel the presence of the slumbering beast through the vibrating walls, purring speakers, and shifting lights. As you move and make noise, the beast will respond with grunts, songs, and hypnotizing visuals.

It's an immersive and playful experience that encourages interaction and exploration. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the beast's behavior and responses are generated by its own imagination, making each visit a unique and exciting adventure.

18 Aug
18 Fri 6-7:30pm
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The Lab
63 Light Square, Adelaide

Venue requires payment for entry.
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