JPE Art in Residence

Michelle Kelly, Lamellae A11, Mixed Media


Metal, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Michelle KELLY
The JPE Art in Residence program in partnership with JPE Design Studio is a residency opportunity that will see two artists a year in a creative exchange within the JPE studios, culminating in a work or installation presented during SALA and Fringe.

JPE has been a place where emerging artists can exhibit, engage with studio culture and have an impact on design thinking since 2013. The JPE Art in Residence Program marks a new chapter of creative exchange in collaboration with Guildhouse.

Michelle Kelly biography - "Evolving my artworks is an integral part of my practice, which has expanded from jewellery scale wearable objects to both large and small scale sculptural works and installations. This has come from experimenting with a range of different materials and techniques including traditional silversmithing to welding and 3D printing."

1 Aug - 31 Oct
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
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JPE Design Studio
4/19 Gilles St, Adelaide
8406 4000
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