Art in Snowtown

Marek Herburt, Close Up number five, Painting, 15.2 x 22cm


Open Studio/Established
Mixed Media, Painting
Open Studio, Exhibition
Marek Herburt – My recent works demonstrate a fascination with the Australian landscape. The complexity and variety of plant life, intermixed with the vibrancy of colours in that landscape is an ideal opportunity for me to observe and paint the beauty of nature. Despite overwhelming desolation in some rural areas, the regional landscape evokes a feeling of energy, life and beauty.

My paintings are the result of three factors: what I see in the landscape, colours in nature, and what works best for the unique depiction of the beauty of the landscape in every painting. The warm colours in the first plan and colder colours in remount parts of landscape create a perception of space and distance. Observation of colours and beauty in nature is my great passion and underlies my desire for painting.

Anna Herburt - A stunning display of paintings on glass. In my paintings I tell stories of everyday events. The artworks are painted in reverse on the back of glass.

Wendy Pfeiffer - My current body of work focuses on the environment around me in the mid North of South Australia. Through the mediums of drawing, painting, mixed media, and printmaking, I visualise my explorations, investigations, and research of this truly beautiful part of the world I live in.

1-31 Aug
Fri-Sun 9:30am-6pm
Marek & Anna Herburt, Artist Studio
69 Railway Tce, Snowtown
0490 818 829