Imagine Nature

Keely Klein, Living Nature, Painting, 20 x 20cm
Year 9 and 10 Advanced Art students, Organic Sculptures, Textiles, 30 x 30cm


Ceramics, Craft, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Print-making, Sculpture
Christies Beach High School Students
Christies Beach High School students from Year 7 to 11 and from the Inclusive Education Centre have created these amazing artworks to the theme 'Imagine Nature'. The artworks on display are showcasing different perspectives on nature in realistic and abstract images and 3D pieces. For their artworks students were exposed to different topics such as landscape painting, printing, nature photography, abstract painting and sculpture making. They experimented with different mediums and techniques and drew inspiration from different natural features as well as from examples of works from art practitioner's to inform their creative processes.

17 Aug
Thu 4-6pm
Christies Beach High School Art Gallery and STEM Area
185 Beach Rd, Christie Downs
8329 9700
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