Jungle Wonderland

Jane Butterworth, Remnants of Life, Mixed Media, 65 x 95cm
Jane Butterworth, Dancing in the Rain, Painting, 60cm x 60cm


Mixed Media
A country girl at heart, based in the Barossa Valley. Self-taught in my visual artistry, I’ve created artwork and music since I was a child. I am guided by my intuition through the creation of each artwork, with my abstract artwork designs inspired by inter-connectivity. I admire the shapes and flow within flowers, natural formations and intersecting pathways, both man-made and by creatures.

My previous experience as a Traffic Engineer influences my artistic expression. The memorizing flow of traffic through complex intersections transfers into my artwork designs. My artworks exude curiosity, joy and encourage a positive wellbeing for all to enjoy.

All artworks are created using acrylic paint on a cotton or linen canvas, sealed with a satin varnish.

28 Jul - 30 Sep
Mon-Sun 11am-5pm
Opening Event 05 Aug , 02:00 pm-04:00 pm
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Turkey Flat Vineyards
67 Bethany Rd, Tanunda
8563 2851
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