Iwiṟi Art

Tjunkaya Ken, Minyma Kutjara, Painting, 153 x 122cm
Renita Stanley, Minyma Kutjara Wingellina, Ceramics, 35 x 16 x 13cm


Open Studio/Mixed Group
Ceramics, Painting
Iwiri Art
Prudence ANDY, Barbara BAKER, Audrey BRUMBY, Carolyn DUNN TJARUWA, Janice FERGUSON, Tjunkaya KEN, Renita STANLEY, Maralyn STANLEY, Derick STANLEY, Amari TJALKURI
Open Studio, Exhibition
Since its inception in 2021 Iwiṟi Art Studio has rapidly established itself as a highly regarded Studio. Our intention is to create a space for artistic expression that promotes cultural retention, transmission and wellbeing across the generations while also providing Anangu artists with commercial opportunities to produce economic benefit for their family and community.
“When we are painting, we are thinking about the creation stories (Tjukurpa), our home and all of the family who are connected through this Country... We feel happy and proud in our spirit as we create the beautiful designs. These motifs hold our Tjukurpa, our histories, lore and culture. Future generations will come to understand and then it will be their turn to take on the work as they hear and learn the Tjukurpa. These paintings are not just designs, as I paint these significant creation events, I am overwhelmed with joy and this is the way I feel in my spirit. It’s great to paint together, we talk with each other about family and learn from others, as well as histories and events. This is how we learn”.
Katrina Tjitayi, March 2023

16-31 Aug
Wed-Thu 10am-3pm
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Iwiṟi Art Centre
1 Lipson St, Port Adelaide
0407 497 793
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