gawa nali yanta-ra nanta nura-anani (Come on, we’ll go to my camp)

Crista Bradshaw, Site 1, Photography, variable
Crista Bradshaw, Site 2, Photography, variable
Crista Bradshaw, Site 3, Photography, variable


Digital, Photography
Online Exhibition
Crista Bradshaw is a Wangkumara woman with White Australian heritage. Her family has been separated from Wangkumara Country and language for four generations. She is only in the beginning stages of uncovering her Wangkumara identity and building a reconnection through history and kinship. She experiences this growing awareness of her separation as a loss or absence that she is seeking to redress or reconcile.

In this online exhibition, Crista utilizes photography and digital space in a contemporary exploration of the absences in Aboriginal identity, culture, and connection.

1-31 Aug
Viewable 24/7
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