Mel Sherry, My Love, Textiles


Mixed Group
Ceramics, Craft, Drawing, Jewellery, Metal, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Textiles
Arty Andamooka
Opal Teenies , Maria AMES, Caroline BELL, Hillary BUTLER, Mash CLIFFORD, Trish CURNOW, Heather GORDON, Colleen PICKERING, Sandy SAMUELS, Mel SHERRY, Ally SMOKER, Donna WATERS
Push boundaries and explore the passionate heart and ambitious soul that is Andamooka’s creative community. Delve into the wellspring of inspiring art from a diverse group of artists living in the remote outback, drawing on their individual journeys and bringing ambition to life through a wide range of materials.

2 Aug - 2 Sep
Wed-Sun 9am-2pm
Wed 5-8pm
Artist/Exhibition Website
Andamooka Community Hall
Lot 281 School Rd, Andamooka
0475 251 662