Prospect Art Walk 2023

City of Prospect, Prospect Art Walk,


Open Studio/Mixed Group
Craft, Digital, Drawing, Ephemeral, Installation, Painting, Performance, Photography, Sound
Prospect Community Artists
Workshop, Open Studio, DIY Activity
Thaw your senses as you are invited on a whimsical journey through Prospect’s vibrant art world.
Embark on a free self-guided adventure and explore the best of Prospect’s streets, laneways, hidden nooks and local businesses, and discover the work of Adelaide’s best emerging and established creative minds. It will be a voyage of surprise.
Full program details will be released in mid July.
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18-19 Aug
Fri-Sat 5-10pm
Opening Event 18 Aug , 05:00 pm-10:00 pm
Artist/Exhibition Website
128 Prospect Rd, Prospect
8269 5355
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