Post Cards from Port Pirie

Lindall white, A Bee-Eater from Nelshaby,


Mixed Group
Spencer Gulf Photography Club (Port Pirie)
Spencer Gulf Regional Photography Club, in Port Pirie presents Postcards from Port Pirie as part of SALA Festival at the Port Pirie Regional Library August 1-20th 2023.

The exhibition will feature works by both established and emerging photographers who have explored and captured the town's landscape, architecture, people, and culture. By presenting these images, the exhibition aims to offer visitors an opportunity to experience the town in a new light and appreciate its beauty and character.

"Postcards from Port Pirie" will be an opportunity for visitors to explore the town's history and contemporary culture, as seen through the eyes of the featured photographers. The exhibition will showcase the town's landmarks, such as the smelter, the port, and the railways, as well as the people and communities that make up Port Pirie. It will also explore the natural environment of the region, including the stunning coastline, wildlife, and landscapes.

"Postcards from Port Pirie" will provide a compelling and visually striking exhibition that celebrates the town's history, people, and landscape. The exhibition will showcase the power of photography as a medium for capturing the essence of a place and promoting appreciation and understanding of this unique Australian town.

1-20 Aug
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Sun 1-4pm
Opening Event 03 Aug , 05:30 pm-07:30 pm
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Port Pirie Regional Library
3 Mary Elie St, Port Pirie
8633 8724
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Artist Talk Exhibition Launch Event. 03 Aug 05:30pm - Free Booking Required