Rusty Recycle Garden Art

Luke Humphrys, Oliver Owl, Sculpture, 20 x 5 x 100cm
Luke Humphrys, Luke Humphrys Welding, Sculpture


Metal, Sculpture
Sixteen-year-old Luke Humphrys is the creator of Rusty Recycle Art. Four years ago in Year 7, Luke learnt how to weld from his Grandpa, Leighton George, for a Hahndorf Primary School project. In year 8, at Heathfield High School,Luke was accepted into the Entrepreneurial Stream. Using skills taught through the ‘$20 Boss’ immersive learning program, Luke learnt how to set up a business. Driven by his desire to do something about reducing landfill, he started welding up one-off garden art creatures using recycled metal and set up his business ‘Rusty Recycle Art’.
Luke says “I care for the environment and I want to do my bit to help keep it clean. I get to make something for others to enjoy. I love watching the joy on people’s faces when they buy my work.”
Since inception, Luke has saved almost 6 tonne of metal from land fill. Luke sources his rusty tools and metal from friends, family, local farms, mechanics and properties in the Adelaide Hills.
Luke’s sculptures have made people aware of how simple everyday items that are no longer used or needed can be re-purposed. Through his efforts, rusted and discarded metal has become loved and treasured sculptures for people to enjoy.

30 Jul - 2 Sep
Mon-Sun 10am-4pm
The Garden Depot
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