Aspects of Aging

Kerry Servin, , Mixed Media, 90 x 60cm
Kerry Servin, , Painting, 20 x 30cm


Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Artist Talk, Exhibition
Aging is a process we all hope to have the privilege of, some embrace it, some fear it…
but the inevitability is written in the stars. It is a process of navigating the future, while reflecting on the past.
This exhibition looks at the journey from a few angles, using mediums of watercolour, graphite and acrylics

31 Jul - 2 Sep
Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm
Sat 9am-12pm
13 Sun 10am-3pm
Frankie & Dandelion
8 East Tce, Loxton
0429 090 417
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Artist Talk . 13 Aug 12:00pm - Artist available at venue to meet,and discuss work