Born To Heal

Susan Knapp, The Closing of Doors, Photography
Susan Knapp, I am you and you are me...but who do you see?, Photography


Born to heal is a photographic exhibition illuminating the power of story, judgement and justice.

In 2020 Omar Lali Omar became a public figure when he was accused of murder.

Was it because she was rich and he poor?

Was it because his light activated our darkness?

Was it easier for us to blame than take responsibility?

In this exquisitely executed exhibition audiences will be transported into a world dominated by mystics. A world where healing is our only purpose.

In combining the wisdom of mystic poets with the story of Omar photographer Susan Knapp will leave audiences contemplating how the reflection of others is the mirror to our soul.

1-31 Aug
Viewable 24/7
ONLINE ONLY Exhibition Website