Studium Femina

Megan Scholz, Venit in Flore, Drawing, A3
Megan Scholz, untitled, Painting, A1


Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
MScholz Illustrated
Portrait based expression of inspirational everyday women impacting our youth, society and environment. Capturing the features of the women leaving their mark on our world in an elegant yet contemporary style.

4-25 Aug
Mon-Wed, Fri 9am-1:30pm
Opening Event 04 Aug , 05:30 pm-Until Late
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Crack Kitchen
13 Franklin St, Adelaide
0434 138 046
Venue requires payment for entry.
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Other Meet the Artist. 04 Aug 06:00pm - Eventbrite to be announced Booking Required
Other Meet the artist. 25 Aug 06:00pm - Eventbrite to be announced, exclusive event