Her Art

Alla Tolmacheva, Still Life with Rowan (Batik Silk), Textiles, 84x88cm
Tatiana Chechurova, Three Boats (acrylic on canvas), Painting, 50x70cm


Mixed Media, Painting
Light Dab
We are pleased to present this exhibition dedicated to the renowned art studio, "Light Dab." Established in 2015 under the Multicultural Communities Council SA (MCCSA), the studio has become a symbol of creativity and community engagement. Led by Alla Tolmacheva, a highly respected artist and teacher, Light Dab has provided a nurturing environment for Russian-speaking women of different ages and professions who have never before engaged in fine arts. These women, hailing from various countries that were once part of the Soviet Union, have discovered their passion for art in their new homeland of Australia.

Teacher Profile: Alla Tolmacheva
Alla Tolmacheva is an accomplished artist and experienced teacher specializing in drawing, painting, composition, batik, and tapestry. She received her education at the Odessa Art School in Ukraine and later graduated from the prestigious A.L. Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Industry in St. Petersburg, Russia. Alla's artistic talent has been recognized with prestigious accolades and numerous awards throughout her career.

In 2013, Alla relocated to South Australia and continued her teaching activities at the Adelaide Russian Ethnic School. Her exceptional skills and dedication caught the attention of the MCCSA, who invited her to establish an art studio for adults. Despite its humble beginnings, under Alla's guidance, Light Dab has flourished into an esteemed studio, attracting people of different ages and professions who have never engaged in fine arts before. Working with these individuals, Alla has successfully nurtured their talents and guided them on their artistic journeys over the past decade, earning Light Dab a well-deserved reputation in the artistic community.
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Other Meet the artists. 21 Aug 10:30am - The Russian art group meets once a fortnight, with their usual art class day falling on the 21st of August. If you would like to meet the artists in person and say hi, feel free to drop in.