Exhibition Registration

Pre-registration checklist

Please make sure you have all the points checked off below before beginning registration.

  • A venue organised and consulted with. Or if you are a venue, artist/s contracted
  • Know how many artists are participating so you can select the correct registration type
  • Know whether you are conducting additional events in association with the exhibition (optional)
  • Know your experience as an artist- either established, amateur, emerging or mixed group
  • Know which category best describes the exhibition (optional)
  • Know which medium best describes the exhibition
  • Full names of participating artists or the collective group name (optional)
  • The dates and times the exhibition will run. A minimum of one date needs to fall within the SALA Festival period, 1-31 August
  • The exhibition title and a 25 word description (75 words if it is a premium registration)
  • A link to the artist, venue or exhibition website or social media page (optional)
  • Know whether you are hosting an opening night/day event and the date and time (optional)
  • Have 2 jpeg images ready to upload, saved to your computer or external hard drive (3 images if you are paying a premium registration). Images need to be less than 5MB, and printable quality of 300dpi for premium registration. You can repeat the same image if you wish.
  • The venue name, address and telephone number
  • The metropolitan or regional council area of the venue
  • Know whether the venue is wheelchair accessible
  • An address for the poster, program and venue stickers to be delivered to (PO boxes not accepted)
  • A name and address if you require a tax invoice made out to a different name or organisation (optional)
  • How many SALA festivals you have participated in for our data collection
  • A primary contact email address for all registration correspondence

* — It is up to registrants to ensure all information is true and correct. Ensure names, venue addresses, phone numbers and dates are carefully checked, SALA is not responsible for checking details such as venue specifics.